Beach Volleyball Registration Form

Team Type?
Available days to play:
Match Fees:
All match fees are to be paid 10 minutes before the match. The fee must be paid in full regardless of how many players take the court.

Match Times:
Teams must be available 15 minutes prior to starting time. All teams must be available for all match times during finals matches.

All players will be covered by our designated on court sports insurance policy providing they are injured during play. The details of this cover are available from the games counter. No other form of cover is offered by this centre or any of it's associates. PLAYERS PLAY AT OWN RISK.

Overflow Matches:
All teams who nominate to play in our competition must be able to play a maximum of 4 overflow matches a season (ie. to be available to play on a night that is not your scheduled night). Overflow matches are to be played on a Friday night and/or Sunday afternoon. Please be aware that overflow games scheduled for Weeks 14/15 of the competition may be played in the preceding week (ie. your team may have two games in the same week).

Forfeit fee is equivalent to double the game fee. If a team cannot play at a given time every effort will be made to reschedule the game however if this is not possible the offending team will be expected to play the allocated game time. Don't Forfeit.

On behalf of the Management & Staff we wish you the best of luck and hope you have a great season.